In the Charleston SC area and worldwide The Grandstream UCM series PBX phone system has been an industry disruptor since the first day of release. Charleston SC Business Phone Systems have been right there since day one leading the charge selling and servicing the UCM series IP Phone Systems. With feature such as PMS integrations, hotel module, voice to email and much more this is a small business phone system fit for any businesses needs. Give us a call now in Charleston SC for a business phone system consultation.

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Our ManagedUC Solution brings you all the best of voice, data, VoIP, Hosted VoIP, Unified Communications, UCaaS, analog PBX, IP PBX, Hosted PBX, a phone system customized to fit your business needs. Reach out to one of our IP  Solutions Consultants today to learn more about the Grandstream Business Phone Systems Charleston SC and how they can help your business grow, and enhance productivity. Communication expenses can be significant for organizations of all sizes.

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Charleston SC and surrounding areas we can assist no matter the size or functionality needed, we pride ourselves in assisting those companies usually interested in using the latest technology to reduce their expenses. Grandstream is one of the reputed suppliers of IP Voice, IP Video, IP PBX, business conferencing, networking and surveillance system. Depending on the budget of the organization, number of employees and type of communication internally and with business associates, a complete Business Phone System can be provided. This includes IP PBXs, video and audio conferencing using suitable phones, IP Videophones and IP Voice phones. 

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Traveling from one place to another is extremely time-consuming and is also expensive. Hence increasingly businesses in Charleston SC and elsewhere are opting for audio and video conferencing solutions so that business issues can be discussed and resolved on phone, either face to face on using voice communication, saving both time and money. Larger organizations with a significant number of telephones on their internal network, and Grandstream offers the UCM series of IP PBX which integrates data, voice, and video to provide a unified communication solution. In Charleston SC we have assisted hundreds of businesses with their Grandstream phone systems, these systems are easy to manage, have no licensing, upgrade fees or per-feature fee.

The PBXs can support 500 users and can be upgraded to support upto 2000 users if required. The GXV3200 series of IP Videophones from Grandstream use the Android OS, and incorporate a wide range of advanced features for communication. In Charleston SC VoIP phones have features which are similar to tablets, incorporate internet access and multimedia. Depending on the requirement of the business and user, Grandstream also offers a wide range of VoIP phones like basic, high end, mid range, carrier grade IP phones. The basic phones are suitable for low volume calls like hotel rooms, while high end Office phones are designed for users who receive and make more phone calls. For PBX applications where mobility is required Dect cordless and WiFi cordless phones are also available. Extension modules for efficiently routing calls are also available for high volume users.

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